Sunday, November 12, 2006

Quote of the Day, 11/12/06: Learning to Read

Ooh, good quotes today! One of the things I love about quote of the day is how much I learn by finding the right passages every day. Today, it's all about learning to read.

Lillian Katz
Experts generally agree that taking all opportunities to read books and other material aloud to children is the best preparation for their learning to read. The pleasures of being read to are far more likely to strengthen a child’s desire to learn to read than are repetitions of sounds, alphabet drills, and deciphering uninteresting words.

Gail Haley
Children who are not spoken to by live and responsive adults will not learn to speak properly. Children who are not answered will stop asking questions. They will become incurious. And children who are not told stories and who are not read to will have few reasons for wanting to learn to read.

Frederick Douglass
Once you learn to read, you will be forever free.

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