Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Commitment to Publishing Some of My Own Work

I've done a pitifully small amount of creative writing over the last few months. And it's not for lack of time.

Tonight I continued my post-labeling in Blogger, which is a very cool feature and I'm thrilled with what I might be able to do with it down the road. As I scanned through my posts for "My Poetry and Fiction" I only found about a dozen posts that I could label that way. Meaning I have only put about a dozen of my own poems or fiction-snippets up on this blog.


So, in order to make myself behave better, I'm starting a new feature. Every Sunday, I will post some piece of my own creative writing. A poem, a paragraph, a snippet. Something. It might not be good. It might not be complete. But it will be mine.

So committed this 15th of November 2006. Stay tuned.


Erin said...

Good for you!

PJ Librarian said...

Sometimes just saying it out loud or in writing helps provide the motivation we need to do what our heart desires. Go for it.