Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Brain Teaser

From a game called I.Q. Challenge, a brain teaser:

A boy is captured by a cruel master who tells him he will have to become a servant to one of his two sons, Theo the Terrible or Angus the Awful. The boy is determined to escape such a punishment. The master gives the boy one chance to make a single statement that will decide his future. If what he says is true his is to serve Theo the Terrible, but if what he says is false he is to serve Angus the Awful. What does the boy say to earn his freedom?

The answer is posted in the comments.


Nancy said...

Answer - I will serve Angus the Awful. If the master were to make the boy serve Angus the Awful his statement will have been true, in which case he should have made him servant to Theo the Terrible, but if he were made to serve Theo the Terrible then his statement will have been false. The master cannot win, so he releases the boy.

EDW said...

Didn't get the answer, but it was fun trying to figure it out!

Nancy said...

Thanks for the comment edw! I'll post more of these from time to time.