Sunday, August 27, 2006

Quote of the Day, 8/27/06

Today's quote comes from a writer who put a unique voice in New York writing.
Damon Runyon
You can keep the things of bronze and stone and give me one man to remember me just once a year.

Okay good quote, but what comes next is really exciting. While wandering through the various Damon Runyon links this evening, I came across a site where you can listen to old radio shows for free. I'm linking to the Damon Runyon Theater here, and I especially recommend "Idyll of Miss Sarah Brown," this of course being the source for Guys and Dolls.

I believe I now will have to go converse with my father about the other fine and respectable radio programs at Free Old Time Radio Shows to which I should be listening.

Sorry, that was my best Runyonese for this time of day.

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