Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Quote of the Day, 8/30/06

Spiders, spiders, spiders:
From Charlotte's Web
"Do you understand how there could be any writing in a spider's web?"

"Oh, no," said Dr Dorian. "I don't understand it. But for that matter I don't understand how a spider learned to spin a web in the first place. When the words appeared, everyone said they were a miracle. But nobody pointed out that the web itself is a miracle."

From Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
He never knew how long he was in the creature's clutches; he only knew that the darkness suddenly lifted enough for him to see that the leaf-strewn ground was now swarming with spiders.

...Spiders. Not tiny spiders like those surging over the leaves below. Spiders the size of carthorses, eight-eyed, eight-legged, black, hairy, gigantic.

Yeah, somehow I think Rowling is not the fan of spiders that White was.

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