Sunday, August 27, 2006

Writing Challenge

Manderley, over at The Smug Cloud, has presented a new writing challenge. The task is to write a story of exactly 200 words, using all of these:

I just finished and submitted my entry, and yes, I had a blast writing this! I can't post my story here, but will link to it once the contest entries are up.

Entries are due by September 2. Use this link for more details.

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bob-the-goat said...

Discombobulated in dark November the August contest appears on someone’s cheery poetry blog. Some kind of word game like the Sestina.

Black-mail the armour of a passing murder of crows, edacious, voracious, devouring the frayed edge of night while namby-pamby prizes are offered to all. Ten thousand invisible points twinkle, brief elusive sparks in the near distance of the world wide web.

Poppycock, flim flam, bodacious poseur, contest held months ago. I’m late I’m late for vicarious fame attained via keyboard. (Random tawdry monkey writes the bible after an eternity pecking).

Cumbersome sestina six words, six stanzas, each of the six words employed six times at each endline of all six stanzas, formally closed with a couplet employing all six predesignated words, three to a line…voila…sestina. Do not procrastinate. The sestina, a composite of structure and intrigue. No prize but satisfaction.

Discombobulated, we’re the first humans to bath daily and eat everything from anywhere, anytime. Blackmail of greed, heedless logic of edacious spidermites collecting namby pamby photos of fat pink relatives eating poppycock caramel popcorn treat while pinned like insects to pulsing screen, its vicarious action like a tawdry suit worn by cumbersome dulled slaves. Do not procrastinate the intrigue.