Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Ghost in the Machines, Still

This morning my ghost set off the smoke/carbon monoxide detector again. I was in the shower, and I am proud to say I took the time to rinse my hair before responding to it (being reasonably certain that I was not having an actual fire or CO problem).

As I had predicted, there was no actual issue, so I'm back to the electrical issue vs. haunting debate.

Now here is where it gets interesting. I checked by blog stats earlier today, and before I logged on, someone did 2 keyword searches that led them to my blog. The keyword searches entered:
ghosts setting off carbon monoxide alarms
ghost set off smoke detector
I'm hoping that one of my previous readers, forgetting the name of my blog but remembering that I had posted about my ghost's antics, did this search. If so, please let me know. If not, then my ghost is 1) very clever about modern electronics like the laptop and internet, and 2) announcing his presence in ingenious ways.

By the way, names submitted so far include:
Ely (short for electrical)
I have not settled on any of these, and would welcome more suggestions.

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Loosy said...

Sparky, Casper, or Ben (Franklin)....