Wednesday, August 02, 2006

A Writing Challenge, answered

Robin over at Big Window called my attention to a writing exercise that seems useful. The challenge is to write something while looking in a mirror, and not use the word "I." Here's my first go at the challenge:
Mirror Girl

Who is she?
She is not the she from yesterday.
Will she still be here tomorrow?

Is she only a brief visitor --
as fragile as the glass reflecting her?

Look too closely,
and she becomes unfamiliar --
a collection of crumbling parts.
But squint a bit,
and you might see the she you remember.

This looking glass
is meant for looking --
not dissecting.
Go ahead and squint.


Curtis said...

Happy Birthday Nrkii...stay cool at Radio City tonight

Nancy said...

Thanks Curtis!

daisy said...

happy birthday nrkii