Tuesday, August 01, 2006

A Little Poetry for You (Phil Rizzuto)

From one of my favorite books of poetry, O Holy Cow, the Selected Verse of Phil Rizzuto:

Reversal of Opinion

And he hits one in the hole
They're gonna have to hurry.
They got him.
How do you like that.
Holy cow.
I changed my mind before he got there.
So that doesn't count as an error.

July 10, 1992
Seattle at New York
Dave Fleming pitching to Andy Stankiewicz
First inning, no outs, bases empty
Mariners lead 1-0

Hero or the Goat

All right, this is it,
The whole season coming down
To just one ball game,
And every mistake will be magnified,
And every great play will be magnified,
And it's a tough night for the players,
I'll tell ya.
I know last night,
Being in the same situation many times
With the great Yankee teams of the past,
You stay awake,
And you dream,
And you think of what might be,
If you are the hero or the goat.

October 14, 1976
Final game
Kansas City at New York
Pregame show

This is a great book if you're a baseball fan, especially if you ever listened to Phil Rizzuto do color commentary for broadcasts of Yankees games. He could interweave the game with whatever random story he wanted to tell, and make it all come out as ... well ... poetry.

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Curtis said...

Holy cow, nrkii, you huckleberry, this was a real barnburner.

Phil was a great one. I'm also old enough to remember Mel Allen and Red Barber, and I still love Ralph Kiner and miss Bob Murphy and Lindsey Nelson. I can't stand the current crop of Yankee announcers, particularly John Sterling.