Monday, August 21, 2006

Leave the Map, Take the Journey?

I have a fascinating story idea kicking around in my head. Every day another piece becomes clear, and it's beginning to get exciting.

I have not started writing yet.

I'm sorely tempted to take all these ideas, which are now jotted on various scraps of paper that are perilously close to becoming coasters for drippy water-bottles, and put them into a sort of story map. My worry is that the mapping might take all the fun out of the idea, and leave me at a loss for words.

The other option is to just start writing. But I desperately want to KNOW where the story is going before I start, as I feel that will make my writing better. Then again, my best non-fiction writing always came about when I started with no clear plan, wrote the first sentence, and let that take me wherever.

What to do? What to do?


Loosy said...

Hi Nancy!
I believe you have answered your own question. If your best writing begins with no clear plan then just start writing! Be not afraid!
You may even come up with something even better than your original idea!

Douglas Twitchell said...

What to do? Here's what I find to be a real have a really good idea of what your characters are, and they end up driving your plot in directions you don't want to go. Or you have a really good idea of where your plot should go, and that plot forces your characters to be people you don't want them to be.

How does a writer get anything done? :)

Douglas said...

Write, Nancy, write!