Saturday, August 26, 2006

No Book's too Young for Me

For all you bloggers out there who've been talking about adults enjoying children's books, I have just one word for you (click for link):

Isn't that a much better word than "kidult" or "adultescent" or any of the other similar words that came before it? It's a word we can be proud of, I think.

Many thanks to Mental Floss for pointing the way on this one.

Key links on this topic:
Go here for Leila's list of young adult books that adults will appreciate.
Go here for Kelly's post with the link to the original article.
Go here for Jen's comments on the article and here for Jen's follow-up with even more great links.

Bonus link for the truly playful:
Go here for Jen's weekend round-up, where she links to this post, and if you keep using these two links (hers and mine), you can make yourself dizzy like when you used to spin yourself to the point of falling down. Wheeeeeeeeeeeee!


Jen Robinson said...

Very cool! I also enjoy the Escape Adulthood website, which focuses on some similar ideas. I may have to pick up this rejuvenile book, though! Thanks for the links!

Jen Robinson said...

I feel so dizzy from clicking back and forth between our sites. That's really funny!

I've already had one of my friends use the term "rejuvenile" in an email message to me. Thanks for sharing the idea!