Friday, August 18, 2006

Quote of the Day, 8/18/06

We went to the Davis Mega Maze in Sterling, MA today. In honor of the occasion, here are two quotes related to mazes:

Alexander Pope
A mighty maze! but not without a plan...

Henry David Thoreau
The world seemed decked for some holiday or prouder pageantry ... like a green lane into a country maze, at the season when fruit-trees are in blossom.

We made it through in just over an hour, but we were lucky -- we took one good turn and suddenly found ourselves at the finish without a clue how we had gotten there. Usually, we have to spend a lot of time strategizing and scoping out our path from the top of one of the bridges. (Not that I'm convinced such strategizing is helpful, but it makes us feel some small degree of control.)

Here are two pictures of what things look like from a bridge in the middle of a corn maze. From inside the maze, all you see is corn and paths, with lots of amusing stops along the way to keep you from getting bored or nervous, but still, basically corn and paths.

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