Friday, August 11, 2006

Longest, Most Beautiful Sentence

Robin over at Big Window put forth a new writing challenge yesterday, again courtesy of Bernadette Mayer. Thanks for the prompt Robin!

Here is my response, which isn't even close to meeting the full-page requirement, but is the longest coherent sentence I could come up with. Not sure if I'd call it beautiful, but it doesn't stink.
After slipping on her scarf and mittens and easing out the back door in search of mental distance from the chaos in her kitchen, she found herself struck by the solitude of a lone loon gliding softly to land on the lake, placing itself in the midst of a million gold sparkles in the sunset water, drifting alone as hermit in the woods making no sound and desiring no company; and she held her breath -- afraid to evict the creature with even the slightest unwelcome noise -- and imagined herself so solitary, soaring, silent, and softly drifting where her soul would take her, and she cried quietly in the fading light.

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Anonymous said...

Nice job!