Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Crayon Art That's Not for Your Fridge

Once again Eric Berlin points out the fun stuff.
Here's what the artist (Pete) had to say in response to my inquiry:
I started doing the crayon carvings while I was a grad student in Chicago. There's a self-taught artist there- David Philpot- who's been carving these intricate, regal-looking staffs out of this weed/tree- Stinkweed, I think it's called- that crops up in all the vacant lots around the city. I just thought the transformative power of that carving-gesture was really amazing and inspiring. So, as a flailing student, looking for a way to avoid painting, carving cheap craft supplies sort of seemed like the natural material raw material for me to start with...

Pete's work has been shown in Chicago and Los Angeles. For more information, please don't hesitate to find the artist at http://www.petegoldlust.com.


featherbee said...

Sooooo cool! I might have to post about that tomorrow! I already did the one we got from Stid tonight.

Eric Berlin said...

I put the picture of the ten carved crayons onto my computer desktop. I smile every time I see it.