Saturday, December 16, 2006

Nancy Drew (trailer) - Where are You?

I'm getting a lot of keyword hits recently from people searching for the trailer for the upcoming Nancy Drew movie.

First, thanks for dropping by. Hannah just baked some cookies, and you really should eat some to keep your strength. After all, this detective work you've been doing is hard work.

You can see the trailer for the 2007 NANCY DREW MOVIE here!

I have to say, Nancy Drew as a modern young-teenage valley girl does not work for me. I am hoping that this trailer is a red herring. (Update: I liked it better the second time.)

The movie starts Emma Roberts (Eric's daughter, Julia's neice). She looks like a Roberts. Also, I definitely approve of her wardrobe.

Good job following the clues and finding what you were looking for!

-- Nancy

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