Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Words on Wednesday: Death Threats and Other Miscellany

Love your dictionary? Love all the time-tested words, but cringe when you hear someone use the word "impact" as a verb? Willing to stand up for your words even in the face of death-threats? Here's a blogger who knows more about this than most people.

Here's a fun thing I found in my travels tonight: ninjawords. It's a VERY FAST dictionary program. Why should you care about a really fast online dictionary? I don't know, but if you try it, you might understand. It's now among my favorites.

Okay, and if you're truly among the word-obsessed, you might want to try out Wordie, where you can join a community of people who revel in making word lists ("words you love, words you hate, whatever"). I haven't yet felt inspired to add words here, but I've had some fun wandering through and finding really good words. Like "flummox," which has always been a favorite of mine.


Michele said...

I've been known to flummox people on occasion... *grins*

NinjaWords is fast - thanks for the link !

Nancy said...

It's funny how excited I got over the speed of ninjawords. Dunno why I'm so impressed, but I just had to tell people about it.