Monday, December 04, 2006

Tanga Puzzles: December 4 - December 10

Here are the daily clues for the Tanga puzzles this week. To see the hint, highlight the space to the right of the date.

I don't give away answers here, just a small hint each day to help get you started or past a rough patch. If you want stronger hints, you can check the blog on the Tanga site itself, which is chock full of spoilers.

While I avoid giving away the answers on this page, be warned that there may be spoilers in the comments to this post, so open those with care.

Good luck!

December 4: Think about all types of keys you might encounter in your day-t0-day life.

December 5: This was a 4-pointer, so expect to spend some serious time on it. But hopefully you can learn from my suffering. First, it should be pretty easy to figure out what vowel to drop. There are two of the same, lose the first instance of it. Now, take the instruction very literally. (I'll put a big spoiler in the comments about this.)

December 6: You need to join what some man has put asunder.

December 7: Getting the answers to the top clues to fit the spaces on the bottom is a bit like herding cats.

December 8: Work on the top line first. If you replace each word with a substitute, and combine them, it will make sense.

December 9: Whooo.

December 10: Do they always take it easy on us on Sundays? Personally, this one clicked for me with the last clue. If you need help on that one, phone home for a hint.


runart said...

I did fine on this once I let go of my intial thoguth that I 90 was interstate 90 and that the letters were airport codes. Figured quickly when one of them was Fiji that I was on the wrong track. :)

Nancy said...

For the 12/5 puzzle, note that the instruction doesn't suggest you do anything to the letters other than read them. First do something to the color though.

runart said...


Jon Delfin said...

(Do we call the puzzle that went up on Thursday night the Friday puzzle?) Am I missing something, or is there absolutely nothing that tells us to use the letters we use? I got it, but I don't get it.

Nancy said...

I call it the Thursday puzzle, though I try to refer to it by the start date. Anyhow, the only thing to tell you which letters to use is the connection between them (animalia at start of every word). Somebody mentioned that the background made sense, but I still can't see what it is, so not sure I buy that.