Sunday, December 03, 2006

Where I Work When I'm Not at Work

Debra over at The Deblog wants to know where people work. In the spirit of full confession I'll admit that I don't have a desk.

Wait. Not true. I have two desks. One is a cute little fold-out desk that is very pretty and works well as a chair-side table, but is impractical as an actual desk (see exhibit 2, center). The other is an Ikea computer desk that is in my spare room covered with things I still haven't unpacked. I know I'll never use this desk.

I have a laptop, but no wireless device. So I am confined to working in the room where I plugged in my DSL. The good news is that it's the warmest and brightest room in the house, and it's very close to the front door, so convenient for pizza delivery. Here is exhibit 1, where I work:

I actually have a study. Or more properly, a library. I always dreamed of having one, and a few years ago I invested in the leather and the bookshelves. This is where I should work. But it's all the way at the back end of the second floor, and I just can't bring myself to hide out that far away from the world. So it's my reading retreat, but that's all. Here is exhibit 2, where I should work:

Please excuse the paint in both rooms. I have gallons and gallons of new paint for this house, but haven't gotten to the actual painting part yet.


Daisy said...

I see that George has found a home,

Nancy said...

Yes but now I have to change my planned colors for this room. I have two gallons of a lovely dark dark pink that George will not appreciate.

featherbee said...

I love your library! I'm jealous!