Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Words on Wednesday: Your Life in 6 Words

Just when I was getting very very worried about whether I could come up with anything to post for Wednesday's regular Words feature, a good friend came through and emailed me about this contest.

Six Perfect Words - The Six Word Memoir Contest

Prize: 1 person will receive a 4GP iPod nano

What you need to do: create a 6-word memoir, which is just about the shortest life story I can imagine (really, could you do it in 5 words? I don't think so...) AND sign up for the Twitter service (I haven't thoroughly investigated this). Use the link above to do both. By December 25.

Okay, if you don't want to fulfill all the terms of entering the contest, but you do want to have some fun creating your 6-word memoir, feel free to post yours on your blog or in the comments here.

I'll add mine here once it comes to me. (That wasn't it. That was 9 words!)

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