Tuesday, December 19, 2006

My Elf Myself

Oh my, this is too much fun.

On the advice of Liz over at A Chair, a Fireplace and a Tea Cozy, I have elfed myself. For these purposes I had to select a photo where I had an appropriately ridiculous smile. Otherwise, it just wouldn't have suited my elfin persona.

Be brave. Try it out.

Oh, and leave a comment over at A Year of Reading when you're done, so you can join our growing Elf family.


FranMag said...

Hey Nancy!

Here's mine...ignore the wild eyebrows, I haven't had a wax for a while!


daisy said...

can't find a picture of myself to elf, but I like yours

Nancy said...

daisy, I'm sure I can scrounge up a good picture to elf you with...

Fran, fantastic!

featherbee said...

That is just too fun!


Nancy said...

Featherbee, I had a feeling you'd like this!

featherbee said...

Hee, of course!

Here's Daniel. He's cuter than mine, I must admit!


FranMag said...

Since we're in the mood for dancing Christmas sites, here's one from godaddy.com that has great music and a tres cool snowman. Enjoy!


Mary Lee said...

Thanks for the link! I'm jealous...you have some cuter elves than we do. That baby is precious!

Here's one where you can play Simon Says with Santa:

How did they do that?