Monday, December 18, 2006

Tanga Puzzles: December 18 - December 24

Note: Tanga is soliciting puzzles. No payment, just fame and glory. But if you're so inclined, click here for details. Update - no deadline! They are going to keep accepting puzzle submissions. Smart on their part, as our brilliance makes their lives easier. Ha!

Here are the daily clues for the Tanga puzzles this week. To see the hint, highlight the space to the right of the date.

I don't give away answers here, just a small hint each day to help get you started or past a rough patch. If you want stronger hints, you can check the blog on the Tanga site itself, which is chock full of spoilers.

While I avoid giving away the answers on this page, be warned that there may be spoilers in the comments to this post, so open those with care.

Good luck!

December 18: Hmmmm, this one is almost too easy to clue. If you do need a clue, then start with the information that only 4 numbers are 4-letter words.

December 19: They're going easy on us the week before Christmas. One of these things is not like the other.

December 20: What are those pictures? No, not where... WHAT?

December 21: It wouldn't kill you to know a lot of words that start with a key letter.

December 22: TOUGH puzzle today. Hint 1 - start with the steak sauce, then make the others match it. For instance, you might smack yourself on the side of the head when you get the answer for beverage. Gee. Hint 2 - it's important to understand the dimensions of the letter grid.

December 23: This one is almost too easy to clue. The only sticky point is if you're thinking of zoo creatures, think about the ones outside the cages.

December 24: If you can solve the last three clues, then try saying them out loud, that might help make this one click.

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