Sunday, October 01, 2006

My Vacation So Far

My vacation so far has been...

1 sinus infection, which I came down with the night before my drive to Maine

1 antibiotics prescription, which my doctor kindly gave me before the trip because I could see this coming like a train on a distant track (a large unfriendly train subject to sudden crashing)

1 80-pack of cough drops (many cough drop wrappers strewn around my car)

3 boxes of kleenex

1 bottle of nyquil (nectar of the gods)

1 bottle of daytime cold medicine (might as well be water for all the good that's doing)

3 Lemony Snicket books read (reading slowly, taking many breaks/naps)

1/10 of a crossword puzzle done (these things are really really hard when you can't think!)

1 lobster roll eaten (I'm sick, not dead)

Hoping the antibiotics kick in by morning, so I'll be coherent enough to start enjoying the trip.



Kimmy said...

Hope you're feeling better soon!

Erin said...

Get well soon!

Jen Robinson said...

Hope you feel better soon! What a sad way to start vacation...

runart said...

Nancy, sinus infections are the worst!! They just make you feel yucky ALL over. Hope those drugs kick in.
Did you do the Tanga puzzles? Did you get the one with Nebraska, Missouri, Lincoln, Jefferson City with marbles or bubbles in the background?? If so can you give me hint because I feel a Starbucks-esque stomachache coming on. I've been pretty successful working my way through them but geesh, I'm stuck on that..."who is my father?" Lincoln and Jefferson's fathers were both named Thomas but that gets me nowhere.
Feel better.

runart said...

got the tanga puzzle. some of these are starbucks worthy for sure. is patrick berry lurking somehwere?

Kelly said...

Yikes, hope you feel better, Nancy!

Nancy said...

Thanks all!

Runart, glad to hear you got the Tanga NE/MO puzzle solved. It was a tricky one, because the stars were misleading. I ended up solving it with hints from others.

The last couple of Tanga puzzles have been pretty easy though. I wonder if he's running out of ideas, or purposely making it simpler to solve them as we go into the second half. I'm still fuzzy-headed, so glad to have the break, but by Wednesday I hope he throws a real curve our way.

Robin said...

Ditto these other guys - hope you're feeling better a.s.a.p. xo

runart said...

Hi Nancy, Hope you're feeling better. I am up to speed with the Tanga puzzles having just been alerted to them a day or so ago. They are so much fun - I reiterate that your blog is a treasure to me as I never would've stumbled on to Tanga without your heads up.
I agree that the last few have been much easier but I was grateful as that one with Cleopatra was a major struggle for me. This last one wasn't that hard but word searches are so tedious and then I guessed the wrong thing like 5 times in a row and was running out of options when I got it!!
Hope you are much, much better. My allergies have been holy hell so maybe that's where your sinus thing came from?

Nancy said...

Did ya tanga tonight?

runart said...

I did but I'm thinkin' I'm getting these puzzles 24 hrs late - is that possible? When I went to the site this am which is 10/5 Thurs the Tanga puzzle says Wed 10/4. I solved it pretty rapidly but it said I was like 500 something out of 600 something and I wondered if other people had had access to it on Wed 10/4. Does this makes sense or am I rambling?
Did you read The Stolen Child yet? Where are you in Joisey? I grew up in Boigen (I mean Bergen) Co.

Nancy said...

The new puzzle comes up at 10PM Eastern each night.

I'm in Lambertville these days. On the Delaware River just across from New Hope PA. I was in Morristown before this.

runart said...

yeah, it would help to read the indtructions; I assumed it was midnight.
I spent my teenage yrs in Yardley, Pa. Went to Pennsbury High - know Lambertville and New Hope like the back of my hand.